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Can A Smart Home Become Hacked In South Bend?

October 06, 2021
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Can your smart home get hacked in South Bend? The quick answer is ”not likely”. A smart home system from a respected supplier like Vivint uses high-level encryption and other techniques like IP address masking to deter criminal activity. Only an advanced hacker with an abundance of time, patience, and luck will have any chance at success. Hackers usually look for low-hanging fruit that's easy and a home security system is not likely to be on an experienced criminal’s attack plan.

How Vivint keeps you safe from smart home hackers in South Bend

Vivint makes the installation of residential security and home automation devices simple due to the benefits of convenient wireless networks. However, the absence of wiring might equate to an increased anxiety about cyber-security. Fortunately, Vivint components have powerful protections designed to frustrate hackers. Here are some examples of how Vivint keeps your devices safe:

High-level encryption standards: Theoretically, 1024-bit encryption can be hacked, but it would require an abundance of time and effort to solve. The preponderance of thieves wouldn’t spend the time, energy, and money to get through this level of encryption.

Hidden IP addresses:It’s certainly challenging to hack what you are unable to detect. Vivint takes steps to keep your smart home isolated by masking the IP to the rest of the world.

Frequent updates: Your home security equipment should strive to be prepared for any new hacking techniques by sending out frequent patches and updates to firmware and software.

Additional methods to safeguard your South Bend smart home from becoming hacked

Although Vivint gives you state-of-the-art devices that utilize their own security methods, your day-to-day habits are vitally important to keep your smart home well defended.

Use secure passwords:

Be certain to use a password that is difficult or nearly impossible to guess for your smartphone security app and Wi-Fi connections. A random string of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers are a wiser option than using an easy-to-remember password. Longer is always better. Also, make sure you replace your passwords on a regular basis.

Never disclose your passwords:

You need to keep your security app and Wi-Fi passwords protected. In the event you have to supply a guest a PIN for your smart locking system, create a a limited-time access code. They can then check up on your home per your instructions, and later they won’t be able to enter after the code expires.

Review your settings often:

You could be the one to recognize an issue with your home’s security. When sensing something unusual, check your smart home settings by using your smartphone app or smart hub. If something is out of whack, immediately change your passwords.

Enjoy a secure smart home from the leaders at Vivint!

The most effective measure to keep your smart home safe and secure is to select a supplier like Vivint. Our devices utilize innovative cyber criminal deterrents that cause them to be hard and time consuming to infiltrate. Simply dial (574) 601-4641 or submit the form below to chat with our Vivint professionals and customize your secure smart home.